Australian Functional

Genomics Conference



On behalf of the Organising Committee, we invite you to the 3rd Australian Functional Genomics Conference, to be held over 2 sessions on 12th and 13th of November.

Over the two days, we will bring together the clinical community involved in disease gene discovery and Australian research groups using a diverse array of disease model systems for the characterisation of genetic variants.

Invited speakers will showcase the increasing need to facilitate the clinical interpretation of genetic variants and how Australian functional genomics researchers can help. By combining the diverse knowledge of many aspects of genomic and functional interpretation, we hope to draw out critical discussion and novel approaches to understanding human genomic variation. This is of crucial importance to enable the rapid translation of genomic findings into a patient diagnosis

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The Organiser

Australian Functional Genomics Network

This conference has been organised by the Australian Functional Genomics Network due to the increasing clinical need for functional genomics in the patient diagnostic pipeline.

The AFGN is a national consortium with the principal aim of fostering collaboration between model organism researchers, human geneticists, and clinicians. The AFGN works by harnessing the resource of model systems to determine the potential pathogenicity of disease-linked rare variants, gain a deeper pathophysiological understanding of diseases, and discover potential therapies for patients and families. Therefore enabling a ‘clinic to bench and back’ integrative approach of diagnostic services, incorporating laboratory research and clinical delivery for the efficient understanding of potentially pathogenic gene variants. 

Local Organising Committee: Prof. Sally Dunwoodie, Prof. Richard Harvey and Prof. Patrick Tam.

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